Slide WE KNOW MEXICO AND THE UK, IF YOU NEED HELP IN EITHER, CALL US We are a UK based firm part of the Lawbiz Group with six offices in Latin America, we offer our full range of services in Mexico and accounting and transfer pricing in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. What We Do Legal matters What We Do Accounting and audit What We Do Transfer pricing What We Do Anti corruption What We Do Attracting talent What We Do Exporting to Mexico and the UK Legal We are experts in Mexican law, we will analyse your situation and bring you solutions.
Our legal expertise focuses on the specific needs of each client to provide a specialised service for compliance and defence in various fields such as: corporate, tax, litigation, contract law, intellectual property, trusts and customs services.

& Audit
Most companies that have intangible assets are unaware of their value and consequently, their financial statements do not reflect the real value of the business. We can help you determine the appropriate methodology to assign the most appropriate monetary value to those assets.
We offer the full range of accounting, audit and financial reporting processes to national and international standards (NIF and IFRS). We are also experts in the valuation of intangible assets.

If international trade is part of your business then transfer pricing affects you. The increase in international trade and the growing trend towards globalisation have led to a significant increase in international transactions between companies within the same group and the tax authorities are taking an increasing interest. We have an experienced multidisciplinary team that will help you establish and correctly document your inter-company structures and the prices agreed within them.

We advise our clients in the implementation of anti-corruption processes and policies within their companies or entities. Our services include the necessary actions both to comply with Mexican anti-corruption law and to place our clients within the international standards in the matter.

We can find the people that you need in Latin America, we know our way around and we have cutting edge tools at our disposal.

to Mexico

and the UK
We know both markets intimately and can provide a range of services to exporters in both markets, research, commercial, economic and business feasibility studies, distribution channels, pricing and margins, managing regulation, competitor analysis, marketing strategies, assessment of potential trading partners. In Mexico we also offer the following additional services to UK companies, consultancy in structural and operational finance and project evaluation, negotiation, translation services, strategic turnaround, cash flow analysis and advice and evaluation of investment projects.